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Typography Overview

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Typography is a fundamental part of a template, providing you with the tools to characterise your content and bring it to life. There is a vast array of typography available with this template, as is with our previous releases, from list styles, notice blocks and a diverse number of other elements.

There are now 2 methods in which to implement the typography into your Joomla content:-

  1. HTML Mode: This is the typical approach seen in pre-2009 templates, were you had to physically add the HTML to your content in order for it to work. This can be a strenuous task for two main reasons. The first being the WYSIWYG editor of Joomla, which, more often than not would strip out the HTML from your content if you opened any formatted article with it. The second being the ability of the user, if you are using purely to the WYSIWYG editor, using the HTML mode or no editor at all can be a difficult step to reach.
  2. RokCandy Mode: The all new component from RocketTheme which allows you to implement typography easily, without fear of the WYSIWYG editor ruining your formatting and allows you, and/or your clients to add them to your content with ease. This is through a method similar to BBcode in a modern. WYSIWYG friendly syntax can be used, or even custom custom configured that will transform a set snippet to the correct HTML when it is parsed by Joomla.

Why use RokCandy?

RokCandy is the ideal solution for those with limited coding skills or those who implement our templates for their clients. It is free from the WYSIWYG editors horrific filtering habits and can be easily pre-configured for your personal needs or the needs of your client.

If you are apt with HTML, and are not implementing a site for someone who has limited coding skills, then the HTML method would be our recommended choice.

[readon url=”index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=52&Itemid=77”]RokCandy Typography[/readon]

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